Beez Neez Property Services

Property Maintenance made Simple!

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We offer an extensive range of services and are focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction.

We can Pressure Clean and Wash your property, giving it an exterior clean to make it look like new.

  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Walkway/Footpath Cleaning
  • Pergola Cleaning
  • Patios Cleaning
  • Paved Area Cleaning
  • Pool Area Cleaning
  • Brickwork Cleaning
  • House Washing (Single Storey)
  • Garage Door/Floor Cleaning
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Fence Cleaning
  • BBQ Area Cleaning
  • We can also Pressure Clean items as well from BBQ's to the Cleaning of Vehicle Engines and Machinery, subject to inspection first.

We specialise in using Pressure Cleaning and Pressure Washing to perform Dust Removal, Dirt Removal, Grime Removal, Mould Removal, Mildew Removal, Oil Stains Removal and many other types of Stain Removal.

All a low per sqm charge so call us today to find out more.